Marks of Thriumph

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Just ran through the Vault instance and one thought popped into my brains.
Marks of Thriumph. I want them. I need them. I lack of them..Wait.

Instantly I asked myself:
Is it possible to somehow get more of these? In a nice and easy way...? If you know what I mean.

But about that- later.

Good news about the upcoming Cheat for Dc Universe Online.
There is work to do, but so far everything goes well, did some experiments and it went well, about these- soon gonna talk in upcoming posts.
The cheat for some time will be only accessible only PC version, but later I will make it for PS3 (it will be released soon after the PC version, don't worry ;) )

and again-

Stay Tuned.

Dc Universe Online cheats for PC

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The first working cheat for DC Universe Online will be out for download in 1-2 weeks!
The cheat itself has some minor bugs and it is needed to be fixed.
There is still a lot of hours of coding left till the cheat will be completed that it would work without any major bugs or crashes, though it will be released in 1-2 weeks! (max 3) 

Stay Tuned!